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SME IT Systems

Whether we are talking to a small start-up employing 5 people, or a multi-site organisation with 250 seats and growing, we understand the need to deploy a combination of IT solutions that deliver real business benefits.

We understand that decision makers within SME businesses may not necessarily be ‘tech savvy’ themselves or have an interest in the technology that sits behind our solutions. Whether technical minded or not, we recognise that for most business leaders it comes down to ‘does it work?’ and ‘what difference will it make to my business?’

We pride ourselves on recommending IT solutions that will transform operations and streamline the business of our SME clients. We aim to make a real ‘day-to-day' impact on our client’s organisations, enabling their employees to work smarter and making a real difference to their bottom line.

For any IT solution of interest, we ensure prospective clients are offered a variety of options where they are only required to pay for what they need. Offering the chance to scale up as and when they require. When it comes to SME’s, we aim to grow with you, as your business and IT requirements grow.

1. Centralized File Server

2. Internet High Availability

- Internet Fail-Over Technique
-Internet LoadBalance Technique

3. Microsoft Active Directory

4. Virtualization Infrastructure

- Diskless System/Cloud PC
- Application Streaming/Delivery SaaS
- Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) SaaS

5. Voice over IP (VoIP) / IP PBX

- IPPBX is a telephone switching system within an enterprise which allows the user to communicate to another user even if it is in another branch, country or at home using the internet. The IPPBX can switch calls between a voice over internet protocol user and a traditional telephone user vice versa, or between two Traditional Telephone|Voice over IP users without thinking about the call service fee.

6. Virtual Private Network

- Client Based (IPsec-based) VPN -
- Point-to-Point VPN
- Unified Threat Management

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