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Is it free to post an ad on

It is 100 percent free to post ads on iSEARCHko except in some categories in Property where a small insertion fee is asked if you post more than 20 ads or more than 5 photos for a single ad. For most of the categories we can be almost completely free for users because advertisements and features (such as Top Ads) help us pay our bills.

What is the duration of ads offered?

Advertisement postings remain in our site for 90 days. And seven (7)days before it expires an automated reminder will be sent to the email of the user asking for a renewal, which is free. Your ad appears in the category for the duration specified above unless you delete the Ad before that time.

Do I need to register in order to post an ad?

Yes, you must register first to post an Ad in iSEARCHko. Click the Post Ad button at the top right portion of the page and you will be redirected to the registration page if you are not already logged in. After a successful registration you will be notified on the page that you need to open your email and activate your newly-opened account before you can start posting Ads.

How do I post an Ad?

It is easy to post simply follow the instructions on the page. The rule to follow is "Top to Bottom," which means that you do not leave a space blank and skip to the next space because options related to the category where you are posting opens up one after the other.

Click the brown button "Post Ad" at the top right corner of the page. When you are redirected to the posting page you must enter a title followed by your choice of category. And the rest will be easy. You can always use photos and upload up to 5 photos by clicking on browse to upload your images and in the location fields entering your address. Fill out all fields but make sure you do not leave the required fields blank or you will get an error message after hitting submit button. Your Ads will be posted immediately after a successful submission.

Do you allow url links in the posts?

Yes, iSEARCHko allows HTML feature in the description area of the posting page. Formatting options are also available when posting.

Can I use HTML tags in my posts?

Yes, iSEARCHko allows url links in your post's description area. As a matter of fact there is a space available for this feature on the posting page. If you leave it blank your post will not display outside links. Only valid urls are allowed. Facebook links with hashtag can be used when a valid url is not yet available.

How do I manage my ads like renew, delete, edit or promote?

Sign in as user and click on "Your Ads" menu at the top of the page which will redirect you to all your ads showing buttons to edit, promote or delete. To delete an ad click delete button and a confirmation to proceed will pop up and it's done.

Please help us and be responsible not to forget to delete your Ad after you have sold an item, filled a room, no longer offer the advertised service, etc. If you need further help please click on "Contact iSEARCHko" link located at the bottom of our pages and drop us a help message and we would be very happy to help you.