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Welcome to and thanks for stopping by. Before you proceed we set out the terms and policies on which we offer you access to and use of our website, applications and tools, including your use of our job section. You must already have read our Privacy Policy and have learned the basic policies on the use of our site particularly on technical aspects including our use of cookies and other small programs that may affect your internet browsing. We however provide the option for you to accept these small and neat programs to run in your computer in the background, or reject them, and still experience no difference in your internet browsing.

Before you start posting your ads you agree to comply with all the policies and terms described herein. By accessing our services in this website you are agreeing to the terms, policies, agreements and understanding that we set out for website users. The services are provided to you by iSEARCHko Classifieds with office at M03-A DMG Center Guevarra Street, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila.

Your iSEARCHko account

To use this website you are required to register and set up an account with your email address and set a password. You must have an email address and you are solely responsible for the confidentiality of your password. You are solely responsible for all activities that occur under your Account. Therefore, you should protect your password and make your password hard for others to guess. First and foremost: your username should not be composed of malicious, offensive and profane words. Profile photo uploaded to iSEARCHko must be that of the account owner and not anything else like photo of an animal or that of a well-known celebrity.

Here is the list of prohibitions on ad posting.

  1. Do not post an ad about prohibited drugs including marijuana, shabu or cocaine.
  2. Do not post an in a language other than English and Tagalog.
  3. Do not post an item for sale that is not located in the Philippines.
  4. Do not post a single ad multiple times under different categories
  5. Do not post an ad promoting pyramiding scams such as soliciting investments in return of an incredible interest within a very short period of time.
  6. Do not post an ad that is discriminatory on race, religion and ethnicity
  7. Do not post an ad that directly assails or blasts other people, political parties; or post political ideologies that may be divisive of the country.
  8. Do not post an ad that serves no other purpose other than to send traffic to our website
  9. Do not post an ad that contains pornographic materials, erotic contents and personals
  10. Do not post an ad that defames anyone or contains "hate speech"
  11. Do not post an ad that deliberately misleads information of any sort

The iSEARCHko Classifieds exists as an online community working together to keep the services working properly and the community is safe. Thus any single violation of the above prohibitions may constitute removal of your ad without prior notice in order to maintain our general integrity. We at iSEARCHko may not notice any violation the soonest it should be so please report problems, offensive content and policy breaches to us using the reporting system provided in the ad contents.

Use of reviews and comment features

A comment section below each individual post is provided for comments and other feed backs that can assist viewers to make decisions based on previous users/customers' experiences. We may monitor comments and private messages among users as part of our proactive way of securing the website from fraudulent and illegal activities. Our moderators will actively monitor public comments. No offensive, derogatory or profane language allowed.

Social media content sharing

Ads at iSEARCHko Classifieds can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms by users. We share listings on our social media pages to give them more exposure to potential buyers.

Compliance to the Terms and Conditions

By accessing iSEARCHko Classifieds website, you signify your agreement to the Privacy Policies and the Terms and Conditions of the site. Members and guests are expected to act responsibly. As much as we try to make the community safe and pleasant for everyone, we are not responsible for untoward incidents directly or indirectly caused by using this website.