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iSEARCHko was conceived to address specific pain points of startup enterprises, growth pain points for existing SME's and survival pain points for Small-Medium Enterprise in our country. Providing FREE internet AD POSTING thru our classified ad website in order to equip and enhance their capacity to do business in this fast paced world. Providing and accelerating their capacity to connect to the business world and re-enforcing their capacity to compete all for FREE.

Belonging to the SME business classification ourselves, we experienced the same challenges for quite a long time before waking up from our trance like state of “can’t do anything about it state”, and then the great awakening! Our passion and survival instinct was put to test! We were forced to put up our own FREE Classified AD site that would also be made accessible and available to other SME’s, hoping to relieve SME start-up and SME survivor’s of the internet marketing horrors brought by budgetary constraint.

Our organization want to inspire SME owners to hold on to their dreams of making big one day and press on to whatever businesses they are on and be encouraged by success stories of big companies that started small that never look back! Hewlett-Packard which started in a garage like Apple and Dell, and local business wonders heroes like the Sy’s and the Gokongwei’s to name a few. We are here to help for FREE! So no more excuses of not able to post one’s merchandise or expertise because of limited resources!

Why focus on SME

Based from the report of International Trade Centre, Small-Medium Enterprises make up to 95% of all businesses globally. Employing up to 70% of workforce and regarded as the missing link of growth in an economy. Yet despite its potential to be a key driver for global growth…integrating SME’s in the global economy is a major challenge.

On a related report, Department of Trade & Industry from 2015 Statistics DATA released the distribution of establishments by enterprise as such:

  • Out of 900,914 establishments in the Philippines
  • 99.5% (896,839) micro, small and medium enterprises
  • .5% (4,075) Large Enterprises

The SME is the silent majority! But SME’s potential as a powerhouse economic driver is also faced with numerous challenges and pain points in a survey done for Smalll-Medium Enterprises:

  1. We don’t have enough money for capital.
  2. We are not able to get new customers.
  3. We are not able to keep existing customers.

Our thoughts

We are not claiming that all SME pain points can be addressed by iSEARCHko but of the surveyed TOP 10 Pain Points of a Small-Medium Business. Pain point’s #2 and #3 can be alleviated by iSEARCHko.

But at the end of the day, generating new customers and sustaining customers thru our FREE AD Posting in our website need to be integrated with the entrepreneur’s careful planning, business sense and passion to make us all see another day.

Why are we doing this?

We aspire to be a catalyst for change in the local SME community! We want to be the first spark! We wish that someday, somebody with a bigger heart for the local small-medium enterprise will do far better and greater things for the local SME community that would create a ripple effect…but somebody has to make the first move.

Second, because we love our country! We would want to see local SME’s making waves! first in the local market… then the international market. Competing toe- to-toe in the ASEAN region and to the rest of the business world!

Our Wishes and Dreams

We wish to see the local SME community getting stronger, driven by hundred thousands of entrepreneurs all furiously doing their own thing. We dream of our country boasting legions of thriving small businesses with a fair number of world-class ones pioneering innovative and ultra-cheap products ready for export and local SME’s opening to foreign trade. Lastly, we dream of our government providing equal attention to the SME community and involved in its development and sustainability...wishful thinking as it is, we hope to have ignited and inspired one’s creative genius and touched one’s life! - JD